Re-marketing / Re-targeting – aims at engaging -internet traffic / users who visit the client’s website for the first time and do not make any purchase or an enquiry even though it is a relevant search. It works by placing cookies on the visitor’s browser when they visit the client’s website. Their cookie ID is added to the campaign’s remarketing list. There can be multiple lists with a range of different criteria. It allows positioning pertinent ads before a defined audience that had previously visited the website – as they browse elsewhere around the internet.

This also helps in cross selling once the user has made a purchase through your website. For example once a consumer purchases a phone he was looking for, from you, then you can remarket other mobile phone accessories for the same phone purchased, like mobile covers, power banks or mobile display guards which could be necessary for the consumer. This increases the opportunity of selling ancillary products in addition to the primary product which the user had been looking for. Here at Bolt, we not only run re-marketing campaigns but also plan and structure a design in a way that would yield more positive results to our client and help his business grow.

Remarketing is used on publishers like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, etc. One can choose any one or a group of publishers where the remarketing campaign needs to be set. The choice of a publisher depends on the results that a publisher derives in order to maintain a healthy performance. Re-marketing can be set for both display ads as well as search ads.

Bolt understands every client’s specific requirement and builds a customized strategy to ensure optimal results.