Cost Per Acquisition / Cost Per Action / Cost Per Lead / Online Lead Generation

This is a smart bidding strategy, where AdWords sets a bid in order to achieve the maximum number of conversions (conversions here means form submits like contact request, newsletter sign up, registrations or purchasing a product and NOT the clicks which are received on the ads) according to the targeted cost-per-acquisition set.

The advertiser will have to decide how much he would be willing to pay per conversion, after which Google will calculate and provide a recommended Target CPA what it considered to be a suitable conversion cost on the basis of the collected historical statistics and data by Google. Here the advertiser has to pay only when a specified acquisition set is completed.

Cost Per Click

In SEM, this is an internet advertising module which involves investment of a budget; small amounts of which will be charged for every click received on the ads. Here, the cost for every click charged is determined by publishers (Google, Yahoo, Gemini or Bing), market trends, product/service competitiveness and seasonal demand. This model is good for a lead based campaign where every click counts.

Cost Per Mile / Cost Per Thousand Impressions

This is a useful model to create awareness to gain brand popularity among a vast targeted audience. This helps when an advertiser is not willing to pay for every click that his ad receives, but rather the advertiser is charged for every thousand impressions shown while the campaign is running, whether the impressions receive clicks or not.

At Bolt, we would provide solutions to our client’s for all the above mentioned modules. We would also help you in deciding what module would be suitable to run in order to achieve pre-eminent results. We believe in keeping and maintaining a clean and transparent relationship and providing accurate comprehensive results, as shown by the publisher.