Search Engine Marketing – One of the fastest and most reliable means of digital advertising where results are derived after a day or two. This medium provides options to target the desired audience in various ways allowing us to strategize and plan the campaign according to requirements and goals charted out by our clients.

The campaign performance can be understood, analysed and improved as and when required on the basis of an accurate and structured reporting system provided by this medium.

SEM allows advertisers to show up on paid platforms (Google, Yahoo, Gemini and Bing) from the day the campaign is ready to run. This module of advertising helps receive direct response, attains immediate online presence, allows specified and filtered targeting and has easily quantifiable and measurable features which give it an upper hand to advertise on the search mediums. This medium has proven to be very affective in creating awareness and generating leads.

At Bolt our special team of SEM experts would outline strategies and plans in order to meet our client’s goals. We also keep a constant check on the running campaign and watch the campaign’s performance on a daily basis. Reports would be provided as requested.