Social Media Marketing / Social Media Optimisation – The progression of the digital age is a witness to a magnitude of simple websites which can create a breakthrough in the virtual world. Today, a major portion of the internet population are habituated to the use of social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. in order to share words, knowledge, experiences or reviews with an intention of advocating or educating the masses.

These platforms also prove to be a great medium for advertising which gives rise to Social Media Marketing. Whether it be brand building or accruing leads this medium apart from search engine publishers like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Gemini social networking sites play a very important role. Today these platforms have also assimilated a strong hold in the marketing segment and are at par with the topmost models of digital marketing.

At Bolt, we help our client to ascertain the proper advertising channel, providing an organized plan structure to run the campaign, provide content suitable for the ads and constantly manage the brand’s presence on these social platforms thereby enabling our client to gain an upper hand over their competitors.